Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Fit [jeans]

Finding clothes that fit just right can sometimes be simply discouraging. Access to global clothing/shoe websites promoting tall fashion were not advertised or in high demand a decade ago when I was in the midst of a wardrobe crisis- middle school. Tall, skinny and lanky, I sported flare jeans 5 inches too short, boys athletic tees and sweatshirts 2 sizes too big and a pair of clod-hopping boy tennis shoes. REAL FLATTERING. The first few years of high school I discovered a seamstress who resolved the issues of pant length, however I was still an outcast with a homemade look. After high school, I put it upon myself to find clothes that properly fit my tall feminine figure :)

My research done thus far [p.s I just love sharing this with women/girls-don't be ashamed of your height, flaunt that beauty!!!] :

TOP 5 resources for PERFECT fitting jeans

1. Make your own jeans []Literally this is the BEST site for women of every shape. It's easy to follow too. Pick from a gallery of jean colors [see my white skinny jeans below in one of my pictures], select a style of jean [skinny, boot cut, flare etc.] measure specific parts of your legs [so they fit specifically to your body] and submit! They're generally around $60 and are delivered to your door within 2 weeks! Sweet Sweet deal!

2. Tall and All [] A variety of fashionable clothing from jeans, pants, pajamas to dresses and suit jackets. Boasting 40+ inch inseams!!! I have purchased a wardrobe of dress pants from this company and keep going back for more. Prices vary from $30 to $70 however order a month before you are in need. Delivery can take about a month as this company is located in England :)

3. The Buckle [] Usually found in your local mall, this store is great for finding a new edgy look. Jeans run in 37" inseams tops, however some brands tend to run a bit longer [look for Big Star, BKE, Miss Me, Lucky]. Prices tend to range from $60-$120 however you can't beat running home w/ a newly purchased pair of jeans to slide on and wear instantly!

4. Alloy [] Alloy sports 37" inseam jeans from classic, skinny, boot cut to wide leg fits. I ordered my first pair of jeans that hit the floor n covered my shoes from this site as a teenager. Most certainly a go-to!

5. Long Elegant Legs [] Long Elegant Legs markets a timeless look for women who keep it classy [dress, business casual, lounge] I particularly favor their 'lounge and yoga' department as I own a pair of the 'body shaper' yoga pant. No doubt, these comfy yoga pants are truly my favorite and I wear them with anything and everything :)